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About us

Orbis Plus is a trading name of Orbis Insurance Services Limited. Orbis was formed in 2005 following a meeting with the office of the Deputy Prime minister on social exclusion. The vision was to find a solution for people who find it difficult to obtain insurance due to pre-existing medical conditions and disabilities.

Since then Orbis have been working with our insurers to facilitate individuals with a wide range of medical conditions and up to the age of 100. We are now one of the leaders in this type of insurance.

Orbis have expanded their service range to include life and financial products in this niche area and are regularly speaking with our insurers to constantly improve our offering. We also work closely with a number of charities to facilitate the needs of their members.

Please also see our sister company Heart Insurance Services Limited for any heart related insurance enquiries. Heart Insurance Services donate a percentage of all sales to a charitable fund that is then distributed to worthy causes. for more information please visit the website.

Orbis have also co-created a specialist travel insurance product for people who are going abroad for elective surgery. Be it medical, cosmetic, dental or fertility. Feeling Good Travel are able to offer the appropriate insurance for you. This product has been produced with our partners Makesure Insurance Services Limited and is insured by Groupama.

For queries regarding any of the Orbis products please do not hesitate to contact us.